Extensive set of tools for location management, competitive assessment and media planning

Media Targeting

Extensive market evaluation tools for targeted advertising.
  • Full national location database
  • Research based geographical targeting
  • Media listings by Market
  • Identify targeted areas for Print and Digital
  • Develop store profiles
  • Evaluate overlap

Digital Search and Display Targeting

Evaluate scenarios for targeted search and display campaigns
  • Identify geofencing opportunities
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary search reporting
  • Store distance to geography reporting
  • Integrate sales data along with research
  • Evaluate analytics in interactive mapping environment
  • Produce and download reports


Evaluate store competitors. Produce reports and mapping to communicate with local and regional management.
  • Assess store competitors
  • Target specific competitors
  • Understand proximity
  • Comprehensive competitive market maps
  • Push information to the field
  • Output data or maps to PDF