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The ultimate consumer and media planning research tool.

A full research toolbox at your fingertips. Retail Reference is the ultimate tool for consumer research and media planning. Retail Reference was purposely designed to quickly target areas yielding the best consumer performance and return on investment. Retail Reference eliminates time consuming steps of identifying, coding and loading millions of demographic, expenditure and lifestyle reference. This data combined with our national location database, is unparalleled in retail and media planning.

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Interactive Market Reference Mapping across the entire country

View and Output maps for any location in the US. Evaluate distinctions between US ZipCodes across the entire database of reference data.
  • Select from over 800 Consumer Demographic, Expenditure or Lifestyle reference variables.
  • Thematic maps by ZipCode
  • Includes updated USPS ZipCode boundaries.
  • Raw Dollar Values for Expenditures and Demographics
  • Percent of Population or Household Demographics

Identify and Target areas with specific performance around 3.8 million plus locations

View any reference variable near a location or retail group.
  • Plot proximal distance from each location
  • Filter each reference variable for specific targeting requirements
  • Organized by DMA
  • Composite score for each location
  • View on screen or output to PDF

Communicate a targeted story to colleagues or clients

Target areas around locations from over 7,900 brands and retailers
  • Radial coverage for each location
  • Interactive filtering of variable
  • Full street level mapping
  • Show radius around location
  • Combine to show buffer around group of locations
  • View or output to PDF

Advanced Reference Reporting Tools

Harness the millions of rows of data with an easy to use report builder
  • Build custom reference reports
  • Combine multiple variables into a single source
  • Report on any reference variable by Zip Code
  • Includes DMA, City, State and County
  • View on screen or download to CSV or Excel

View multiple markets and locations on one screen

Combine the power of over 3.8 million locations with millions of rows and reference data to view regional performance
  • Select multiple markets
  • View Reference data around locations
  • Filter for added targeting
  • Seamless navigation of maps
  • Zoom to an area or view the entire region
  • View on screen or output to PDF