Products Overview

Compete Suite is the only online resource combining retail and other business locations and local market reference data at scale across all U.S. DMAs.

Comprehensive location-based mapping solutions.
  • national location database
  • 3.8 million curated locations
  • 7,900 unique brands
  • 20 business verticals
  • searchable and summarized by DMA
  • fully downloadable into Excel

Adds research variables to provide data-driven context for business markets.
  • identify trade areas by radial proximity
  • 800+ market reference variables
  • demographics
  • consumer expenditures
  • consumer segmentation
  • cross reference to USPS zip code
  • proximity detail by location
  • reference detail by location
  • heat mapping of reference variables

Adds brand competitor detail to geographic and research parameters.
  • full competitive brand matrix for all U.S. DMAs
  • interactive mapping
  • competition by market and individual location
  • distance of each competitor
  • proximity influence
  • competitor maps and data summary
  • fully downloadable into Excel

Identify Media opportunities in a market or near locations.
  • ALL Markets in US
  • Radio
  • TV
  • Newspapers
  • Websites
  • Targeting by ZipCode or Congressional District
  • Media coverage requirements around stores
  • Over 30,000 Media Opportunities!

Run our applications on any device from anywhere.

Our applications run on our secure server using Tableau and Microsoft. Compatible browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Explorer and others are all supported.
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